Ultra-Wide Stereo Vision — Not a Question of Perspective 3 years ago

Context: AI-enabled cameras are becoming an increasingly important tool for the factory of the future. While the general aim of lean manufacturing is pretty clear (zero waste), strategies to achieve this are manifold. However, most of them start with a digital representation of the production processes, the products or even the whole factory. Some even call this a digital twin. Digital information needed for that concept may be produced by the industrial machines and appliances …

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KInterACT - AI Platform for Interactive Services in Future Environments 6 years ago

The spaces of the future are turning into smart environments. Each lounge understands the situation as well as the persons present and controls intelligent services. With the help of artificial intelligence and sensor technology, the human-space interaction is put to a new level of quality. This vision is dedicated to the project KInterACT. The main objective of the project is to create a new quality of interaction between people and service technology (consumer electronics, building …

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SimplySafe - A Novel Sensor System for Health and Safety 6 years ago

Harmful particles in the air, a smoldering fire, burglars in the house, a fainting spell in one’s own home, e.g. due to escaping gas – hazardous situations may be found. A novel warning system that actively alerts the user about sources of danger or that recognizes existing emergencies could be a real lifesaver. To make this vision come true, the research team comprising of scientists from Chemnitz University of Technology, Corant GmbH and 3dvisionlabs GmbH …

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