Edge Camera Module

Unrivaled Resolution.
Unexpected Performance.
Unlimited Possibilities.
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7 Powerful Interfaces

Inspired by Automation Professionals

C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces
C7 Interfaces

24V Power Supply

Trigger Input

Serial Interface

Isolated Outputs

Gigabit Ethernet


Illumination Control

Camera and External Devices

Compatible with Industrial Photoelectric Sensors

Send or Receive Data

Communicate with PLC using Potential-free Switches

Web-Interface, API, Modbus and more...

Compatible with Industrial Tower Lights

Powers and Controls lights up to 100W

C7 Interfaces
  1. Power Supply with Passthrough (24V DC)
  2. Gigabit Ethernet (RTH)
  3. Trigger Input (TRIGGER)
  4. Signal Output (SIGNAL)
  5. Serial Interface (RS-232)
  6. Illumination Control (FLASH)
  7. Isolated Outputs (PLC)
Image Sensors
Sony Pregius S™
12.3 MP | 2.74µ
Sony Pregius S™
24.6 MP | 2.74µ
C7 Interfaces

Your Match at the Edge

Pick the Image Sensor that fits your needs

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No Limits for Complex Projects

Get blazing-fast SSD storage at the edge

Other Products*

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* Integrated eMMC storage of Jetson module

Our Storage Options

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Long-Term Durability

We only use industrial-grade SSDs with maximum requirements to long-term stability.


By using the PCIe 3.0 interface the integrated SSDs are orders of magnitude faster than eMMC or srorage.

Large Capacity

Depending on the selected model our integrated SSDs are 16x to 64x larger than the integrated eMMC of the Jetson module alone.


Unleash Your Project

Get Started with C7 totay

Find more details about C7 edge camera and learn how your application will benefit from powerful AI at the edge.
Talk to our sales or technical experts and learn how you can get C7 edge camera in you hands.


Image Sensors

C7 features Sony’s industry-leading Pregius S™ industrial image sensors with Global Shutter technology. Pregius S adopts a back-illuminated structure to simultaneously realize a smaller image sensor and a faster frame rate, while still maintaining the high imaging performance of Pregius.


Sony IMX565
Sony IMX565

Global Shutter
Mono / Bayer
4096 × 3000 (12.3 MP)
11.22 mm × 8.22 mm (1.1″)


Sony IMX540
Sony IMX540

Global Shutter
Mono / Bayer
5328 x 3672 (24.6 MP)
14.58 mm x 12,60 mm (1.2″)

Edge Compute

C7 is equipped with NVIDIA® Jetson™ – world’s leading compute platform for embedded AI. By default C7 comes with Jetson Nano 4GB module. If you need even more performance, please contact sales to get details on availability of higher-end models.

Jetson Nano SoM
NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™


NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture with 128 CUDA® cores, 0.5 TFLOPs (FP16), Max. Frequency: 921 MHz


Quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore processor, Max. Frequency: 1.43 GHz


4 GB 64-bit LPDDR4x Unified Memory, Max. Bus Frequency: 1600 MHz


Jetson SoM: 16 GB eMMC Flash

SSD: 256 GB / 512 GB / 1024 GB PCIe NVMe


Get ready to maximize capabilities in industrial vision solutions. Inspired by experts in logistics and production automation versatile interfaces are integrated in the device to create high functional turnkey-solutions and reducing system complexity at the same time.

Power Supply

24 V DC (± 10%) / 2 x 3 A / M8 (4-pole)

Single power input that supplies both the camera and external devices (power pass-through).

Trigger Input

24 V DC / M8 (4-pole)

Input and power supply for trigger devices. Can be connected to mechanical switches or commercial photoelectric sensors (pin-compatible).

RS-232 Interface

24 V DC / TxD out + TxD In / M8 (8-pole)

Power supply and control of industrial devices, such as industrial code readers.


3× potential-free switching contacts max. 30 V / 1.5 A / M 8 (6-pole)

potential-free contact for communication with PLC


10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet, M12 (8-pole)

Your primary interface to setup, use and maintain C7. Access the web interface and API or use Modbus/TCP to communicate with industrial automation devices.

Signal Output

4× 24 V DC, M12 (5-pole)

Four digital outputs can be used to control industrial signal tower lights.

Flash Output

24 V DC / M12 (4-pole)

Power and control of external illumination (flash or continuous) with up to 100W.



107.8 mm × 95.0 mm × 67.0 mm


4× M4×0.7


630 g (without lens)

Lens Mount

C Mount