Introducing Hemispherical Depth Sensing

With our HemiStereo technology stereo vision becomes hemispherical. The combination of real-time depth sensing and hemispherical vision enables a new generation of large-volume scene understanding.


Hemispherical 3D vision allows precise people tracking and analysis in large observation areas. Use-cases include personal safety, retail intelligence or smart home.

Enable new revenue potentials by optimising production and logistics processes. Hemispherical 3D vision allows new way of human-machine interaction.

Autonomous robots and drones require accurate perception of the surrounding. Hemispherical 3D vision allows a drastically reduced number of sensors.

Take Virtual Reality to the next level. Develop new tracking and interaction technologies using hemispherical 3D vision.

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Michel Findeisen

Co-Founder | Research

Lars Meinel

Co-Founder | Product Development

Markus Heß

Co-Founder | Software Development

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