HemiStereo® DK1

World’s Widest Angle Depth Sensing Camera

Hemispherical FOV

180° Wide-Angle Depth Sensing enabled by HemiStereo® Trinocular Stereo Vision Technology

Embedded AI

Real-time Embedded AI Edge Computing powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2

Made for Developers

HemiStereo® NX makes the development of AI-powered 3D vision applications easier than ever.

HemiStereo NX


HemiStereo® NX

Meet the World’s Most Powerful AI-enabled Stereo Vision Camera.

Edge AI

Powered by
Jetson Xavier NX™ or Jetson Nano™

world's widest field-of-view

World’s Widest

ultra-high resolution


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Build the Future of Intelligent Spaces

Due to its large coverage HemiStereo® allows precise analytics even in wide rooms with many occluding objects.

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A New Generation of Depth Sensing

Everything in View:
Ultra-wide Depth Sensing

Conventional depth sensing cameras provide a very limited field of view. For example, the widest available stereo cameras allow to capture around 110°x70° (HxV). This restriction is caused by inherent properties of perspective projection and rectified stereo images.

HemiStereo® employs a newly developed algorithm for real-time computation of stereo-correspondence based on fish-eye images.

Hemispherical Image and Depth

Fish-eye lenses allow an extremely wide field of view of 180 degrees and beyond. With HemiStereo® the camera additionally is able to perceive depth information. By combining the image and depth information a 3D point cloud from the scene can be created.

Flexible Image Projection

Contrary to general belief, fish-eye projection is not an unwanted distortion. The characteristically bended appearance allows a much wider field of view than perspective projection.

Based on the equidistant projection virtually any other projection can be reproduced by real-time remapping.


Intelligent Spaces

Hemispherical 3D vision allows precise people tracking and analysis in large observation areas. Use-cases include retail intelligence, public safety or smart home.

Mobile Robots

Autonomous robots and drones require accurate perception of the surrounding. Hemispherical 3D vision allows a drastically reduced number of sensors.

Autonomous Vehicles

Next-gen autonomous vehicles will need next-gen sensor technology. HemiStereo® allows new ways of both surround and in-cabin perception.

Industry Automation

Enable new revenue potentials by optimising production and logistics processes. Hemispherical 3D vision allows new way of human-machine interaction.

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The People Behind HemiStereo®

Innovation is driven by bright and passionate people. At 3dvisionlabs we love what we do: We develop the next generation of depth camera technologies. With our products we give future intelligent environments and robots a superhuman sense of vision. With HemiStereo® we enable new applications of AI-powered perception in areas like Smart Buildings, Robot Navigation or Retail Automation.

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