Introducing Omnidirectional 3D Vision

With our HemiStereo technology stereo vision becomes hemispherical. This allows machines to perceive the world in 360 degrees and three dimensions.


People Analysis

Hemispherical 3D vision allows precise people tracking and analysis in large observation areas. Use-cases include security, retail intelligence or smart home.

Robot Navigation

Autonomous robots and drones require accurate perception of the surrounding. Hemispherical 3D vision allows a drastically reduced number of sensors.

VR and Gaming

Take Virtual Reality to the next level. Develop new tracking and interaction technologies using hemispherical 3D vision.

Industry Automation

Enable new revenue potentials by optimising production and logistics processes. Hemispherical 3D vision allows new way of human-machine interaction.


Michel Findeisen

Co-Founder | Research

Lars Meinel

Co-Founder | Product Development

Markus Heß

Co-Founder | Software Development

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