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Innovation is driven by bright and passionate people. At 3dvisionlabs we love what we do: We develop the next generation of depth camera technologies. With our products we give future intelligent environments and robots a superhuman sense of vision. With HemiStereo® we enable new applications of AI-powered perception in areas like Smart Buildings, Robot Navigation or Retail Automation.

Innovation made in Saxony

Home of 3dvisionabs is Chemnitz in the German federal state of Saxony. The Chemnitz-Zwickau region, cradle for the German automotive industry is the traditional heart of Saxony’s economy. With a century-long history of industrial culture the Free State is a great place for researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Chemnitz is also great for recreation. For example, the UNESCO World Heritage Natural Park Erzgebirge is located near our headquarters. A great place for hiking, cycling and above all skiing.

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Innovative through Research
Innovative through Research
Innovation through Research Seal

As a technology start-up science naturally plays an important role for us. Our core technology HemiStereo® is a result of multiple years of research in the field of computer vision. Until this day research is paramount in our daily work. In order to keep and increase our competitive advantage in the area of depth sensing, we’re continuously pushing the limits of stereo vision and integrating advanced AI into our smart sensing product.

3dvisionlabs was awarded with the seal “Innovative through Research” for the years 2020 to 2023, honoring the company’s commitment to research and education.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research Seal
ESF Seal
Saxony Funding Seal
Award-winning Innovation
Award-winning Innovation
SWS Innovationspreis 2020

As a Chemnitz-based start-up, we have strong connections to the region of southwest Saxony as well as its industrial history. With our camera technology, we hope to make a valuable contribution to the future of this tradition.

inVision Top Innovation Award 2021

For the seventh time, a jury of independent experts has selected the ten best in machine vision. We are honored, very proud and grateful that our HemiStereo camera has received an exclusive recognition by inVision.

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The Founders

With his strong background in research of stereo vision technologies Michel provided the foundation of our revolutionary depth sensing technology HemiStereo®. As our CEO he is also responsible for outbound communication and sales. If you just learned about 3dvisionlabs you might have met Michel at a conference or on a trade show floor.

Michel Findeisen

Co-Founder & CEO

With his engineering background and his passion for clean design Lars is responsible for our company’s visual appearance – both in terms of our physical products and our corporate identity. As our CEO Lars leads Hardware Development and Product Design.

Lars Meinel

Co-Founder & CEO

As a passionate, multi-talented software engineer and a persistent problem-solver Markus single-handedly developed the core of our real-time embedded depth sensing framework. If you’re a developer and work with our SDK or tool chain anything you get in touch with bears his signature.

Markus Heß

Co-Founder & Head of Development

Our History

Every innovation is a product of its unique history – and so is HemiStereo®. The lack of wide-angle depth sensing cameras hindered many applications of people sensing. This made our founders wonder whether the inherent limitations introduced by perspective stereo vision could be overcome.

Over time the idea took shape – today we are proud to provide our revolutionary technology to capture a complete room in three dimensions with a single sensor. This is how 3dvisionlabs came into being.


Our Founders met at Chemnitz University of Technology.


Led by our Co-founder Michel Findeisen the team published its first papers about real-time omni-directional stereo vision.


Supported by the EXIST Business Start-up Grant 3dvisionlabs GmbH is founded in August 2017.


German technology start-up fund „Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen“ (TGFS) invests in 3dvisionlabs GmbH.


Grown to a team of ten 3dvisionlabs releases it first product HemiStereo DK1.

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