SimplySafe - A Novel Sensor System for Health and Safety 6 years ago


Harmful particles in the air, a smoldering fire, burglars in the house, a fainting spell in one’s own home, e.g. due to escaping gas – hazardous situations may be found. A novel warning system that actively alerts the user about sources of danger or that recognizes existing emergencies could be a real lifesaver. To make this vision come true, the research team comprising of scientists from Chemnitz University of Technology, Corant GmbH and 3dvisionlabs GmbH intends to develop a novel miniaturized, smart hazard sensor in the research project SimplySafe.

The main focus of the project are the health and safety concerns – above all the recognition of the dangerous situations for people. This is to be realized by an novel combination of multimodal data generated by a gas sensor system as well as an optical 3d sensor device. The detection of substances being harmful to humans in combination with the knowledge of the persons present and their condition should enable intelligent methods to provide information about the actual danger.

The environmental parameters to be recorded include gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and data on the number and location of people in the room as well as the noise level. The transfer of measurement methods on miniaturized and cost-efficient hardware for a potential, price-sensitive broadband market represents another essential focus of SimplySafe.

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