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HemiStereo Summer 2021 Update Teaser

HemiStereo Summer 2021 Update Brings New Viewer and Backend 6 months ago

We are excited to announce many new features and improvements of our HemiStereo NX software! Most importantly it contains a greatly improved version of HemiStereo Viewer with more backend features and much easier configuration. Also, the Jupyter Notebook gets a hardening update with better control over the server password and SSL certificates, and a reduction in user permissions for improved security. Finally, we also include several smaller improvements on most of our system components – …

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HemiStereo recognized as inVision Top Innovation 2021 8 months ago

We are honored, very proud and grateful that 3dvisionlabs HemiStereo 3D camera with 180° field of view has received an exclusive recognition by inVision. For the seventh time, a jury of independent experts has selected the ten best in machine vision and 3D metrology. The decision was based on the level of innovation of the products as well as the ability to push previous technical boundaries. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! …

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Ultra-Wide Stereo Vision — Not a Question of Perspective 10 months ago

Context: AI-enabled cameras are becoming an increasingly important tool for the factory of the future. While the general aim of lean manufacturing is pretty clear (zero waste), strategies to achieve this are manifold. However, most of them start with a digital representation of the production processes, the products or even the whole factory. Some even call this a digital twin. Digital information needed for that concept may be produced by the industrial machines and appliances …

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