Meet Us at All-digital CES 2021 3 years ago

Saxony Exhibitors at CES 2021

At this time of the year, we usually travel to fabulous Las Vegas to meet you at the epicenter of technology — the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, with the global pandemic everything changed: In 2021 CES is still here but in a new all-digital version. We’re excited to see how this new format turns out. You’re invited to join us at our virtual booth here between January 12 and 13 (only available when logged in with attendee pass).


This time we’re happy to be part of the joint presentation of our home federal state of Saxony, Germany. Together with other SMEs & startups from our regional technology landscape we present our latest innovation in 3D camera technology. Learn more here.



Introducing Next-Generation Depth Sensing for Industrial Automation

A principal challenge for the automation of industrial processes is the ability to sense the physical reality. Visual perception allows machines to understand their environment in many new ways. For example, they can detect error conditions or even predict them. They allow humans and machines to interact safely and efficiently. They allow robots to navigate autonomously in complex environments. In fact, smart cameras will be the key technology for the future of factory automation.

We’re proud to introduce our new Product: World’s most powerful AI-enabled 3D camera for industrial environments: HemiStereo® NX



HemiStereo® NX is an ultra-wide, ultra-high-resolution depth sensing camera with industrial-grade features. Integrated into the device is a NVIDIA Jetson embedded computer. This compact GPU-powered processor computes 3D and image data and moreover analyzes the resulting information in real-time using deep neural networks. Industrial vision systems are often very expensive, especially stereo vision cameras. We wanted to change that. That’s why we made HemiStereo® NX as affordable as possible.

Your Depth Sensing Experience at CES 2021

Explore the power of next-generation depth sensing at our CES presentation. Beyond technical details, the performance of HemiStereo® can best be experienced in a hands-on demo. Due to COVID-19 we cannot offer a in person presentation but we try to come as close as possible:

  • Watch product demos of HemiStereo® NX broadcasted live from our German office.
  • Talk to our CEO and renowned depth sensing expert Dr. Michel Findeisen about technical detail of 3D machine vision and the chances for industrial automation.
  • Discuss your applications with our experts and find out how HemiStereo® NX can revolutionize your business.


Keen to meet up? Get in touch!

We’d love to get in touch with you. If you’re already a registered CES attendee login and find our profiles:

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Alternatively, you can get in contact with us, schedule a meeting or tell us about your work by emailing our Sales Manager Eileen Matschewsky at

We’re looking forward to meet you at all-digital CES 2021!