3dvisionlabs awarded with “Innovative through Research” Seal 4 years ago

Innovation through Research Seal

As a technology start-up founded by three former university scientists and engineers, research naturally plays an important role for us. Our core technology HemiStereo®, a novel depth sensing system with an ultra-wide field of view of 180° and beyond is a result of multiple years of research in the field of computer vision.

Until this day research plays a major role in our daily work. Currently about 75% of the workforce of our growing team is dedicated to research and development, much more than the average budget in industry companies of 10.6% . In order to keep and increase our competitive advantage in the area of depth sensing, we’re continuously pushing the limits of stereo vision or integrating advanced AI into our smart sensing product.


Stereo Calibration Accuracy

By continuous research in the fields of camera calibration and stereo correspondence computation we ensure to provide the most accurate depth sensing performance to our customers.

But besides product-related research and development, fundamental research activities are important for us as well. Thus, 3dvisionlabs is currently participating in two publicly sponsored research projects (see SimplySafe, KInterAct). In order to improve the everyday life of people, we’re helping to find new ways of interacting with machines through 3d sensing and artificial intelligence.

Recently, 3dvisionlabs was awarded with the seal “Innovative through Research” for the years 2020 / 2021, honoring the company’s commitment to research and education. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors’ association for the promotion of humanities and sciences in Germany) is a German organization that seeks to address challenges in higher education, science and research. The quality seal honors researching organizations for their special communal and societal responsibility. The seal is given to research companies that take part in the bi-annual full survey on research and development in the economy in Germany.

Receiving this award makes us very proud and further endorses our vision to advance spatial awareness of machines by developing the next generation of depth sensing technologies. Our goal is to enable new applications of AI-powered perception in areas like Smart Buildings, Robot Navigation or Retail Automation in order to improve future life and workspaces. Our products will provide intelligent environments and robots with a superhuman sense of vision and thereby enable them to sense and understand complex situations.


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