Bring Visual AI to Every Space

Unleash your depth sensing application with the power of HemiStereo® and embedded AI.

Introducing HemiStereo® DK1

Meet worlds widest angle depth sensing camera. With an unrivaled field of view (FOV) of 180°x180° (HxV) HemiStereo® Developer Kit 1 enables a whole new generation of applications of spatial perception.


Hemispherical FOV

180° Wide-Angle Depth Sensing enabled by HemiStereo® Trinocular Stereo Vision Technology

Embedded AI

Real-time Embedded AI Edge Computing powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2


Integrated Depth Processing and AI Inference allows to build privacy-sensitive applications.

Build the Future of Intelligent Spaces

From People Counting to
Cashier-less Stores
Use Case Retail Intelligence

Traditional retail brands look for new ways to compete with the growing e-commerce competitors. Brick-and-mortar stores don’t have precise insight into their customers buying behavior. Intelligent features like detailed customer analytics or even convenience technologies like cashier-less checkout are being implemented by next-gen stores.

Privacy-Aware and Automated Public Security
Use Case Public Security

Millions of CCTV cameras observe public spaces around the globe. However, these cameras are only used for deterrence and forensic purposes but cannot react to threats. AI-powered security systems on the other hand could automatedly react to dangerous situations or even prevent damages. At the same time the privacy of people in the observed area must be protected

Safe and Situation Aware Homes
Use Case Home Safety

Due to recent demographic changes many societies are facing major challenges in their elderly care systems. With more people living alone, the risk of household accidents and health-related emergencies are rising. However, AI-enabled future smart homes could mitigate risks by calling for help in case of emergency.

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Made for Developers

Flexible I/O

Expand your DK1 by a wide option of ports, including Display, Gigabit Ethernet, USB and Raspberry Pi-style expansion header.

Powerful SDK

Configure a wide range of camera functions and controls. Get full root access to the underlying L4T OS.


Customize your DK1 by changing the 3d-printed cover or expand your application by adding a microphone array or RGB LED modules.

Clean and Easy to Use SDK

HemiStereo Viewer

Initial sensor set-up is easy with the HemiStereo® Viewer. Remote control depth sensing configuration and image paramters with a view clicks.

HemiStereo Code Window

HemiStereo® SDK provides a comprehensible C++ API which is available both on-board the embedded system as well on a remote computer.


Embedded Computing


Integrated AI Processing powered by NVIDIA® Jetson TX2 System-on-Module


NVIDIA Denver 2 (Dual-Core) + ARM® Cortex® -A57 MPCore (Quad-Core) Processors @ 2000 MHz


256-core Pascal GPU @ 1300 MHz, CUDA® 9.0


8 GB 4ch x 32-bit LPDDR4 @ 1866 MHz

Depth Sensing


1200 (H) x 1200 (V)

Field of View

180° (H) x 180° (V)


0.05 m @ 1 m,
0.25 m @ 5 m


0.4 m to 5 m
(equals area ~10 m x 10 m)

Image Sensors

Sensor Technology

Triple high-sensitivity Sony Exmor™ 2.38MP  sensors


Electronically synchronized, rolling shutter

Sensor Area

Large 1/1.9 type sensor area and 3.75µm pixels for ultra low-light performance

Aspect Ratio

16:10 aspect ratio for larger vertical FOV (full-curcular projection)


Lens Type

High-resolution all-glass fish-eye lenses with 9 elements




With IR-cut filter (650 nm)

(optional: contact our sales team for variant without IR-cut filter for night vision)


Host OS

Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 10

Embedded OS

Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux4Tegra 32.3.1)

Compatible Frameworks

Compatible to all common vision and AI frameworks through OpenCV interface.

SDK Components

C++ API, Viewer Application (incl. camera controls, recording, extrinsic calibration)



2.1mm DC jack, 11.1 V – 19.6 V


DisplayPort 1.2a up to 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz


USB 3.0 Type-A


RJ-45, 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet


HS-DK1 Design


199 mm x 182 mm x 51 mm
(7.83 in x 7.15 in x 2.0 in)


690 g

Mounting Options

1/4-20 UNC tripod screw